$2000 OFF SH410

$2000 OFF DH410

Logosol Farmers M8

Farmers M8 chainsaw mill.

An affordable sawmill for all interested in wood.

Logosol M8

Logosol M8 chainsaw mill.

Easily convert logs to boards, posts and slabs.

Milling Hardwood

A guide to milling hardwood

Milling Aussie hardwood with one of our chainsaw mills, suitable chainsaw and chains; 

Logosol Big Mill

Big Mill System

The Logosol Big Mill System is an inexpensive expandable system for sawing boards and slabs.

Logosol Planer Moulders

Logosol 2, 4 and 5 sided planer/moulders.

Low cost of ownership - fast return on investment. Made in Sweden.

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  • Logosol LAKS500 : Three phase 400V 15kW

    Logosol LAKS 500, three phase 15kW electric motor.
    Includes in and out feed tables, sharpening machine for sawblades (single phase), torque wrench to tightening sawblades.
    Excludes sawblades, blade holder, EU-AU three phase power cable. Requires small compressor to operate pneumatic pressure rollers.

    Ask about availability - click here. Ships in 1 to 4 weeks.

  • Speed Saw E8 : 400 V 8kW

    Three phase electric chainsaw with 8kW of power. Includes chain oil lubrication and bar/chain water cooling.
    Excludes bar and chain.
    Requires feed unit (E37 automatic or manual unit) to operate.

    Ask about availability - click here. Usually ships same/next day.

  • Logosol Farmers M8 : incl. basic chainsaw carriage

    Chainsaw not included.
    Includes 4m of rail (cuts 3.7m long longs up to 60cm diameter), height adjustable log beds 2m apart (can be moved 1m apart with 3m of rail), basic log clamps, and basic chainsaw carriage. Add rail extension to cut even longer logs.

    Regular Price: $2,495.00

    Special Price $2,095.00

    Ask about availability - click here. Ships in 1-10 days.

  • Logosol Multi-head Planer/Moulders Catalogue - free delivery by post.

    Featuring the four head PH260, PH360, and five head PH365, accessories and knives. Australasian edition.

  • SH-410 : Three phase 400V 2-12m/min

    Logosol SH410, incl. infinitely variable feed rate 2-12 m/min.

    Regular Price: $9,950.00

    Special Price $7,950.00

    Ask about availability - click here. Usually ships next day.

  • Big Mill Basic : with 2,75m guide rail and Timberjig

    Big Mill BASIC complete with 2.75m guide rail and Timberjig.

    Ask about availability - click here. Usually ships next day.

  • Peavey 42"

    Peavey, 3,5 ft (107 cm)
    A strong tool for rolling and shifting logs on the ground or on the sawmill.

  • CLIVUS Log Skidder Trailer

    Featuring automatic log lift as you drive, fully rotable coupler for safety. Can be backed over a metre for repositioning, without unloading the log. Does not push from behind in downhill slopes. If it goes too fast, the load is automatically lowered.
    Excludes choker chain.

    Ask about availability - click here. Usually ships next day.

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