Festool awards and certification.


Awards for design and innovation.


Plus X Awards - Europe's largest technology contest
PLUS X Awards 2008

Plus X Award 2008 for optimal ease of use with power tools, here is a further recognition of PROTOOL QuaDrive Cordless Screwdriver DRC, PDC and IDC. The iF product design award honors manufacturers for the outstanding design of its products - in categories of interest to many users: ergonomics, handling, safety and functionality.

PLUS X Awards 2007 

On the 24th May 2007, Festool won the "Most Innovative Brand of the Year" award in the electric power tool product group, the top prize at the Plus X Award ceremony in Cologne.

Festool Managing Director Dr. Thorsten Hartmann accepted the trophy at the largest technology contest in Europe.

PLUS X Awards on TV

More than 600 guests from the world of business, politics and the electrical and consumer electronics industries, assembled at the Plus X Awards 2007 ceremony in Cologne.

The aim of the Plus X award is to recognise and advertise outstanding quality brands.

Festool awarded trophy

The motavation of the award is to encourage technology manufacturers to increase innovation and ecological compatibility, as well as improve designs, and operating comfort.

In the year 2007, 19 judges assessed more than 227 products and presented awards for special product features.  

PLUS X Awards winners 

Products from the audio and video entertainment electronics, household appliance, IT, living technology, power tool, mobile and photo technology sectors were allowed to enter.

The most successful brand in each product group is honoured with the Plus X award for the "Most Innovative Brand of the Year".


PLUS X Award 2007 - Electronic power tool product group winners

C 12

The first cordless drill and plasterboard screwdriver with accurate depth stop.
CTL Midi

The small extractor with a big plus.

The DOMINO system has now even more enhancements!

The first geared eccentric sander in the world - the ROTEX - celebrated its 25th birthday in 2007.


Top 100 awards for exceptional innovation 

Innovations for a successful future

Festool presented with award for exceptional innovative strength

In the wake of the TOP 100 benchmarking project, Festool claimed a prestigious spot in the list of the 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany.

Moreover, Festool won first place in the category "Innovative Marketing".

Festool receives award 
As a highlight of the award ceremony, the mastermind of the TOP 100 project, Lothar Späth, presented the prestigious award to Festool Managing Director Horst Geiger on 23rd June 2006.

By winning this award, Festool has proven to its customers just how good their innovation management strategy is. Many Festool products have already won an iF Product Design Award, reflecting both the high level of design quality and consistent orientation towards a demand for improved ergonomics.

Top 100 award
Along with performance and durability, ergonomics and easy handling are the main focus points in all new Festool developments.

With the TOP 100 award, Festool has proven its exceptional innovative strength and has secured the future loyalty of tradesmen to Festool and its innovations.


TOP 100 - Project

The TOP 100 project has been conducting industry-wide assessments of the top innovators in medium-sized German companies every year since 1993. These assessments compare the innovation management strategies of all companies and culminate in the selection of the top 100. 

This year, a total of 1,750 companies have participated in the competition. The TOP 100 benchmarking project examines company innovation management strategies in five different disciplines: innovation success, innovative processes and organisation, climate of innovation, innovative marketing and top management that promotes innovation.

Festool - Winner in the innovation marketing category

The TOP 100 award confirms Festool as one of the 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany in 2006.

Festool also claimed top spot in the category "Innovative marketing for customer-oriented production of innovations and idea marketing".

"This award highlights the significance of our innovative projects and shows that our employees and end customers play a major role in all decisions made in innovation projects." explains Festool Managing Director Horst Geiger.

Festool - An outstanding brand

"Festool is a brand like no other: ergonomics, functionality and design of our products walk hand in hand" explains Research and Development Manager Dr. Johannes Steimel. "Customers and tradesmen have praised the quality of the design time and again."

The company has held close ties with the woodwork trade since its foundation in 1925 (originally Festo). Carpenters consider Festool a role model for outstanding solutions and legendary durability. 95 percent of “Festool” tradesmen do not remain loyal to "their brand" for nothing.

The products are developed only in close collaboration with the relevant target groups and this is also one of the reasons why Festool won the TOP 100 award; the customer is involved in developing products, application-oriented solutions and genuine innovations as early as the brainstorming stage. "In addition to the quality of the products, we also consider exclusive services extremely important." explains representative Michael Bayer, Head of Marketing at Festool. The "Tools for Profit" customer club has already attracted more than 100,000 member companies and is currently being internationalised.

Commitment to the slogan "Made in Germany"

Festool is on course for further expansion and to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the company, has constructed new production and office buildings to emphasise its commitment to the company headquarters in Germany. For many years, the production department has not only been meeting the highest demands for quality, but has also been highly efficient, a fact confirmed by several awards including the 2005 title of "Factory of the year" in the category "Best assembly company".

Into a successful future together with Festool and its innovations

Today's innovations lay the foundation for tomorrow's economic success and are an essential element in the strategy of performance leaders. "This award proves how good our active innovation management is and sets the ball rolling for economic success".

This TOP 100 award gives Festool peace of mind that their innovation management strategy is working and tradesmen the confidence that they’ve chosen the right tool for the job. Tradesmen can continue to place their trust in the durability, reliability, robustness and safety of Festool precision tools, enabling them to produce efficient work of the highest quality.


iF product design awards for Festool

The iF design awards: simply excellent

Since their introduction in the year 1953, the iF design awards have been a reliable indicator of outstanding quality in design.

The iF logo, awarded by international experts, is trusted the world over and denotes proven design quality. Companies and design studios use it as a visible symbol in their communication. For potential clients, the iF logo is a guideline for finding the best products and creative services within the marketplace. 

Participating in the iF design awards demonstrates the will to innovate and the courage to compare yourself to others in competition.

The latest additions to our award list in 2010 are:

• Jigsaws - PS 400 | PSB 400 | PSBC 400 | PSC 400
• Cordless drill and screwdriver C 12 Li | C 15 Li

When you consider that there were more than 1,900 entries from 37 countries in this year's competition, this is an outstanding achievement. 

Jigsaws - PS 400 | PSB 400 | PSBC 400 | PSC 400

The new “PS 400” is extremely easy to operate thanks to its strongly waisted saddle grip. On and off switches on both sides improve handling below the worktop. Thanks to “EC motor technology” and an innovative, patented new drive system with lithium-ion battery, it is 40% more effective and 30% lighter than conventional machines. For enhanced safety, the blade stops in 0.5 seconds or less and moves to the highest position. Strobe-effect lighting improves the view of the blade and marking line significantly. Thanks to the integration into the “CARVEX system”, it is extremely flexible and versatile.

DuraDrive Plasterboard Screwguns

The challenge in the development of battery - Protool Drywall DuraDrive said: Screwing high and low weight. ProTool has solved the stated goal of convincing and set by a plethora of outstanding detail solutions set new standards in this product segment. This achievement gave the now award by the iF awarded annually regardless, of the DuraDrive for its unique Design features, such as ergonomics, handling, safety and functionality characterized.

UniverS SSP 200 Sword Saw

In the design of the sword saw Protool Univers has the focus on simple, practical operation set with the best ergonomics. That these properties can also be packaged in distinctive design, regardless of the year award iF award confirmed, with which the UniverS has now been rewarded.

Cordless drill and screwdriver C 12 Li | C 15 Li

The new C 15 Li / C 12 Li power screwdriver is the successor of the classic “C 12”. It appeals with its cohesive and therefore very sturdy, short design that protects the hand. Thanks to its clip that can be used on either side, it is always ready for action. It is no longer assigned to a voltage class, but to a class defined by the interplay of power and intelligence. “EC motor technology” guarantees improved performance. In addition, long-lasting battery packs with modern “lithium-ion technology” assure easy handling that allow all this power to be used comfortably and efficiently over extended periods of time.

CLEANTEX CT 26 and CT 36 Dust extractor

The new CLEANTEX CT 26 and CT 36 dust extractors are smaller and more compact than their predecessors even though they have a larger reservoir volume. The AUTOClean main filter unit ensures consistently powerful suction, even when a large quantity of fine dust that would otherwise quickly clog a filter bag is being generated. The dust extractor can be adapted to individual requirements thanks to a modular slot.

QuaDrive Cordless Screwdrivers DRC, PDC, IDC.

The iF product design award honors manufacturers for the outstanding design of its products - in categories of interest to many users: ergonomics, handling, safety and functionality.

T 12+3 and T 15+3 Cordless drill and screwdriver

The new T+3 series is no longer assigned to a voltage class, but to a class defined by the interplay of power and intelligence. It impresses with a brushless motor concept that guarantees ultimate performance, long-lasting battery packs with modern lithium-ion technology and a compact design as well as handling that allows its power to be used comfortably and efficiently – even over extended periods of time.

SHINEX RAP 150 Rotary polisher

The SHINEX is an ideal device for creating high-gloss finishes. It features excellent ergonomics, robustness and performance. The grip-optimized housing with its soft grip zones is perfectly designed for all gripping positions. Tilting is prevented by the low centre of gravity. The sturdy slip-resistant equipment tray makes working and exchanging polishing accessories easier. An easy-to-clean lint filter protects the motor.

FS Parallel guide system

The FS parallel guide system facilitates precise parallel cutting and milling. It results in significant time savings, especially when preparing work pieces of the same size such as shelves or thin moldings. Plunge cuts such as parallel ventilation openings can also be realized quickly. The stop is extremely flexible and space-saving for transportation.

OF 2200 EB Router

The OF 2200 router offers powerful performance and comfortable, ergonomic handling in an unbeatable package. The 30° offset parallel stop ensures the tool always tracks perfectly while simultaneously guaranteeing optimum power transmission. The double-column clamp ensures precise results for any application and can be precisely adjusted for each individual task. With a copy ring and sole plate that can be changed without the use of tools, this router represents a perfect balance between power and flexibility.

PLANEX LHS 225 EQ Long neck sander

The PLANEX LHS 225 EQ long and short-neck sander is unrivalled in form and technology, easy to handle, and stops at nothing. With the extensible grip and suction pipe, it combines two tools into one. A second length can also be installed. The true weight of the sander is reduced by the adjustable wall suction force.

C 12 Duo Cordless drill/screwdriver

The C 12 Duo is distinctly different. Its form makes it special, and its internal workings make it unique. The highly efficient and long-life
EC-TEC motor points to the future of battery-powered tools. This makes the C 12 Duo lighter and gives longer battery operation. The short shape and the good weight distribution make for optimised ergonomics. The depth stop ensures precise screw depth and consistent results.


The T-bevel impresses through its clear form and easy handling. A T-bevel is an indispensable tool for professional craftsmen. In addition, this T-bevel is an attachment that transfers the angle of the wall or the workpiece to the KAPEX KS 120 cutting and pull saw through positioning on the laser line. Bisecting is automatic, no calculations are necessary and there are no transfer errors. Both inner and outer corners can be transferred.

DOMINO DF 500 Dowel router

DOMINO stands for a unique new jointing system. The DOMINO DF 500 features a patented routing principle for precision, hand-held, recoilless routers. The oval shape of the DOMINO dowels guarantees the highest degree of stability whilst reducing torsional stress to a minimum. The DF 500 makes it easy to joint panels, frames and racks, and the easy positioning of the DOMINO dowel improves productivity. The ergonomics of this hand-held router makes dowel-hole routing a dream.

GECKO Suction cup

GECKO stands for quick fastening and carrying. The two-cup design symbolises the suction power, making it easy to handle and carry large boards and panels. In combination with its accessories, GECKO can be used to fasten the FESTOOL guide rod to smooth surfaces in a non-slip fashion. Its sliding rings prevent unwanted sticking once the vacuum is released.

ROTEX RO 150 FEQ Eccentric sander

The ROTEX 150 FEQ geared eccentric sander unites the features of coarse sanding, fine sanding and polishing in a single appliance. With an ergonomically moulded head and body, the sander is surprisingly easy to handle. The compact design of the ROTEX makes it ideal for vertical and overhead work, and the detachable vacuum hose makes it easy to use in tight corners.

iF gold award - C 12 Cordless drill and screwdriver

The C 12 is distinctly different. Its shape makes it special and its inner workings make it unique. The extremely efficient and durable EC–TEC motor points to the future of cordless appliances. It is lighter and runs longer. The compact construction and the good weight distribution facilitate optimal ergonomics. The CENTROTEC quick-change chuck system adds to the product's uniqueness.

TS 75 EBQ with FS Circular plunge-cut saw with guide rail

The TS 75 EBQ is a handy, safe plunge-cut saw with a deep cutting depth. The control elements are ergonomically positioned – for example the on/off switch, the plunge locking mechanism and the FAST-Fix lever with spindle stop for easy and safe blade replacement. The guide rail makes it easy to achieve accurate cuts.

ROTEX RO 125 FEQ Eccentric sander

The ROTEX 125 FEQ gear-driven eccentric sander is three tools in one: preliminary sander, fine sander and polisher. The grip recesses in the head and around the motor ensure uncommonly handy, optimised ergonomic operation. The ROTEX is so small and compact that it is ideal for vertical and over-head work.

LRS 400 Compressed-air linear sander

LRS 400 is a compressed-air linear sander for even and taut surfaces, optimised for working with both hands for fatigue-free operation. Powerful for coarse and preliminary sanding and ideal for corners and edges. The low-vibration and ergonomic construction with the Softgrip system minimise arm and hand strain. The triple-purpose IAS connection prevents hose tangle.

MPA Polish system and Polish bottle

The triangular shape of the new MPA polish bottles provides for safe, non-slip grip. The stamped FESTOOL lettering on the back of the bottle lends it character and improves the grip. The level cap allows the bottle to be stood on its head and the funnel effect of the tapering head supports ideal emptying of the remaining drops.

CS-50 EB Presicio

With this extremely light weight bench trimming saw, you are now perfectly equipped to carry out a wide variety of fitting and installation jobs.  Equipped with a large number of new technical solutions, the CS50 makes work not only easier but also faster.

OF 1400 EBQ

A tool concept that sets new standards: whether the issue is size, weight, handling or power – the OF 1400 is guaranteed to impress. It fulfils all the requirements of a router in the middle power class, no matter what you have in mind.

CT MINI Mobile vaccuum cleaner

Don’t let the CT MINI’s size fool you, it packs 99 CFM of suction force and 80” of static water lift offering more than enough power for your on-site sanding needs. Just like the rest of the Festool CT line, the MINI features variable suction power and works with all Festool products that have integrated dust extraction.

iF gold award - LEX 2 150

The ergonomically designed handle cover with softgrip fits snugly in the hand, it has a Safe working Dead-man switch for instant machine cut-out with stroke indicator on the switch. With a Rapid speed preselection, adapting the machine to the working surface by changing the speed rate.

RS 100 Q Orbital sander

With a 5 mm sanding stroke and powerful reduction gearing, the flat surface professionals from the RS 100 series are characterised by a high material removal rate for improved economic efficiency over larger surfaces. The RS 100 Q also has an integral dust extractor.

RS 300 EQ Orbital sander

The RS 300 with direct drive is very similar to the RS 200, except for inter-changeable sanding pads, which make it suitable for tasks that would otherwise need to be completed by hand. Simply change the sanding pad and continue with your work. Ideal for a wide range of applications in the workshop and on the construction site.

ES 150 EQ Eccentric sander

Festool eccentric sanders are used in applications where an excellent surface quality is required. The eccentric motion of the sanding pad or each abrasive grain is displaced by the rotation of the pad. This “smearing” motion makes sanding scratches invisible to the human eye, producing an immaculate surface finish instead of unsightly rings.

PS B 300 EQ Pendulum Jigsaw

Many jigsaws have one fundamental problem,they are easily lead astray. So Festool invented a three-way saw blade guide to give jigsaws the precision that tradesmen expect.

Plug-it lead

The special Plug-it connector enables you to change power tools quickly and easily, helping you to save time.

RS 400 E One-hand orbital sander

The compact design and low weight of the RS 400 is ideal for sanding work on vertical surfaces and overhead. Suitable for left and right handers. With compact sanders, you have the option of working with an integral dust bag or an extractor hose.

EHL 65 E Planer

Only 2.4 kg in weight, ergonomic handle and cuts close to the edge – the EHL 65 E is an assembly planer that has been well designed right down to the finest detail. With a planing width of 65 mm, the EHL 65 E can tackle virtually any assembly task. Lightweight, compact and powerful, just the right one-handed planer for professionals.

IAS 2 Hose system

Three functions in one hose: compressed air, exhaust, dust extraction.

Systainer Toolcase storage

A revolutionary system for organising, packing and transporting rolled into one. Never before has equipment been organised so systematically and so much time saved as a result.

iF product design award - GOLD for Festool

The PSC 400 Cordless Jigsaw wins iF GOLD award in 2010

The awards ceremony iF product design award 2010 1,016 companies from 39 different nations competed for an iF product design award 2010, submitting a total of 2,486 products for adjudication by an international panel of experts.

iF GOLD award presented to Festool 
778 products merited an iF product design award 2010, with 50 of them also selected to receive an iF gold award. Some 1,000 design aficionados, award winners and invited guests were in attendance on March 2 in Hannover to honor the winners of an iF gold award.

This day also marked the opening of the six-month iF product design award exhibition 2010, in which the 778 award-winning products are publicly displayed, as well as the publication date for the iF product design award yearbook 2010.

The iF Product Design Awards Competition is one of the most well-known and most important international product design competitions in the world. And this year Festool - manufacturer of electronic power and air tools with headquarters in Wendlingen, Germany - has been awarded prizes for five new products! These are; the cordless drill C 12 with EC-TEC®, plunge saw TS 75 with guide rail, eccentric sander ROTEX® RO 125 FEQ, pneumatic orbital sander LRS 400; and the new design MPA polishing agent.

When you consider that there were more than 2,200 entries from 30 countries in this year's competition, this is an outstanding achievement.

These awards confirm the high standard of Festool's design quality and are recognition for many years of consistent application of ergonomic requirements. Ergonomics, long service life and easy handling are the top priorities for Festool with every new product developed and manufactured - because these are the conditions that facilitate the end-user's daily work. Thus design is not just an end in itself, but a characteristic of product differentiation so an advantage for any manufacturer. And what is more, Festool has won GOLD in the iF Product Design Awards 'Product Design Industry' category!

This highest of honours is for the new decidedly different cordless drill C 12 with EC-TEC®.

Festool launched this cordless drill (April 2005), which replaced the well-proven and extremely successful CDD cordless drill series. The difference is in the improved ergonomics and a world first: the new motor technology EC-TEC®. With an outstanding efficiency, the new technology motor gives the cordless drill C 12 previously undreamt of advantages in weight and the capability for an enormous number of screws. Besides that, it's basically non-destructible!


Regulations and directives.

Don't worry about REACh - we will take care of it!

The new EU Regulation for Chemicals REACh (EG) NO. 1907/2006

As defined by REACh, Festool is only a downstream user as we do not manufacture any materials or substances ourselves nor import them to the EU. This means that we, as tool manufacturers, are not directly affected by the duty of registration stipulated in this Regulation. Nevertheless, we have informed all our suppliers about REACh and requested them to comply with their obligations, including the duty of registration, resulting from REACh.

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) also published the list of candidates on 28 Oct. 2008.

No information can be provided yet as to whether any substances on the list of candidates are contained in our products or packing materials at a rate of more than 0.1 per cent by volume, as this requires prior inquiries to our suppliers.

We will continue to initiate all actions required to make sure the products we supply to you have the usual quality – as you can expect from us.




Festool: Advance by quality management systems

DIN ISO 9001
Not only Festool power tools will be tested by quality. Although everything else that belongs to Festool: perfect processes and workflows for development, production, services, distribution, logistics, ... 

Download Certificate - PDF 



Festool:  Environmental management systems

DIN ISO 14001
Festool's most important contribution to preserving our environment is the quality of the products, which are charactarised by their durability, quality and positive eco-features such as recyclability and enviromental compatability. 

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