The history of Festool and Protool.

Timeline of innovation.

In the beginning...
Since 1925: always a step ahead.

The development of the name Festo is an example of the power of a vision and the success of a consistent corporate philosophy tailored to the needs of users.

Our top priority since the foundation of the company in 1925 by Gottlieb Stoll has been to offer tradesmen practical products and solutions to facilitate their daily work.

This claim has led to milestones of technology and has made Festo a market leader and synonymous with innovation, competence and good partnership.

Today, many years on, the market has changed, your work has changed.

Earliest innovations:
1929: The first portable chainsaw, developed by Festo, optimizes work on site.

1951: World premiere! The first orbital sander appears on the market, revolutionizing the field of surface treatment.


1964: Still indispensable because it is so simple and exact: The portable circular saw with guide rail, a highlight in the development history of Festo.

1967: The first false joint saw, made by Festo, simplifies work and improves the result.
1976: New definition of the finishing touch: Festo developed the first eccentric sander to market maturity.
1982: No good workshop should be without one: The Rotex RO 1 for brilliant surface results from rough sanding to finishing sanding.
1984: A new stroke of genius from Festo: The jig saw is equipped with a triple saw blade guide for exact cuts.
1993: Indispensable as a transport and organizing system, it won many awards: the Festo Systainer is here.
1994: The shortest rechargeable drill/screwdriver in its class can fit into any corner.
1999: Mobile dust extractors - the new dimension.

Recent releases:
2000: Linear sander LS 130 - Sanding profiles, hand rails or rebates – tiresome tasks that are often performed by hand. Time to nip these in the bud. The DUPLEX by Festool performs tasks such as these like clockwork, and produces a perfect surface finish.
2001: Cordless drill Fast Fix - Several tools in one: with FastFix attachments.
2002: New Laminate trimmer OFK 700.
2002: CT mini mobile dust extractor - Don’t let the CT MINI’s size fool you, it packs 99 CFM of suction force and 80” of static water lift offering more than enough power for your on-site sanding needs.
2002: Sortainer SYS 3 - SORT / 4.
A significant upgrade of a unique tool, with round-the-world praise.

2003: Plunge-cut saw TS55 - Together with the guide rail, the TS75 allows for flexible working. Of course, it does this with the typical Festool advantages for better, easier and faster working.

2004: PRECISO CS 50 - With this extremely light weight bench trimming saw, you are now perfectly equipped to carry out a wide variety of fitting and installation jobs. Equipped with a large number of new technical solutions, the CS50 makes work not only easier but also faster.
2005: Cordless drill C12 with EC-TEC® - the C 12, with its 5 system attachments is the perfect powertool system for your needs
2006: RTS, ETS, DTS, The new improved generation of compact sanders -Festool eccentric sanders are used in applications where an excellent surface quality is required. The eccentric motion of the sanding pad or each abrasive grain is displaced by the rotation of the pad.
2006: CTL MIDI, Mobile dust extractor - a particularly compact mobile extractor with a surprisingly large container volume to round off the Festool CT extractor range. Robust, reliable, safe and durable as ever.

New products faster and better than ever before:
The most innovative woodworking power tool seen in a long long time.

2006: Domino DF500 Jointer - No other machine routes like the DOMINO biscuit jointer. The routing movement of the DOMINO biscuit jointer is unique among hand-held machines.

A ROTEX matures into n unbeatable sanding machine.

2006: ROTEX RO 150 FEQ - Often imitated but never duplicated and now even more sophisticated: our unique 3-in-1 principle. Coarse sanding, fine sanding, or polishing - the new RO 150 gives you greater flexibility.

2007: KAPEX KS 120 - Finally a sliding compound mitre saw that combines a large cutting capacity with a compact lightweight design that achieves the precision needed for high-quality results and detailed solutions. To inspire any professional user.
2007: You can turn and use the PLANEX LHS 225 in any position: the new variable long-reach sander by Festool fits snugly in the hand and is a match for any job with or without the extension.
2008: The router OF 2200 is a masterpiece from Festool. It impresses with its powerful drive, perfect technical equipment, ideal ergonomics and top precision.
2008: In a class of their own: The T+3-Series - 12 Volt, 15 Volt, 18 Volt – it’s time to break with conventional thinking. With the latest T+3 Series cordless drills, which no longer belong to a voltage class but rather in a class that is completely redefined by the interplay of brains and brawn.
2008: The vacuum clamping system VAC SYS, which makes the seemingly impossible become possible: clamping without limits and no marks left behind.
2009: Compact, but also big. Light, but particularly powerful. Just as uncompromising as it is adaptable: apparent opposites come together in the new CLEANTEX, which removes all the traces of work before they can be seen.
2009: SHINEX RAP 150 - Not just comfortable, but also with improved dynamics thanks to the newly developed double reduction gearing. For constant high performance and greater endurance. For fast elimination of surface defects, powerful buffing of high gloss surfaces, and a precision finish.
2009: Now with an even longer service life the Multi-Jetstream system improves your sanding efficiency to the most optimum of levels. Trust Festool the inventors of the jetstream principle to have taken the efficiency of their abrasives and sanding pads to the next level.


2011 and 2012: Will see the continued release of new products, further breaking away from the pack.