Festool's value proposition.

Festool's economic value.

Festool develops, produces and markets top-quality electrical and compressed-air tools inclusive system accessories and materials for professional users.

Festool is “Made in Germany” and a brand like no other. More than 80 years of experience in the manufacture of power tools is not only the proof. Time and time again Festool has developed solutions that both satisfy the toughest demands and offer additional benefits. Our main priority has always been to make work easier, while simultaneously increasing economic efficiency and this shall always remain part of our company philosophy.

Save with Festool Festool is a worthwhile investment

Festool tools are precision engineered and have to be seen as an investment, which ultimately saves you time, materials and protects your health.
At Festool we use high quality materials and exacting tolerance to make our tools the best and we back them with a three year warranty. But as with everything, quality has its price as high quality materials are more expensive. Our team of engineers have a passion for their work and therefore use the best components.

Can you afford Festool?

YES you can!
... if achieving high quality fast working results and working efficiently in a healthy manner is important for you.

As already mentioned Festool tools are precision engineered for a purpose, not a price point and therefore have to be seen as an investment. But this investment is supposed to save you time (due to faster working results) and materials (due to high quality results). And we do not talk about years – we talk about amortization within weeks. You don’t believe it?

Did you ever think about the sources of your working costs?

Over 70% of the total costs are operational – labor – costs. And if you imagine that you save just 5 minutes per hour: Calculating with £15 working costs per hour this means savings of £10 per day.

So investing in a Festool tool can mean that you earn more money (as the savings continue) in less than two months (example with a ROTEX RO 150 for £375).
It’s as always: “Time is money” and Festool systems offers alternatives to conventional tools that create long-term value, while helping users work faster, easier and smarter.

Power tools more than 30 years old are still in use today. This is no coincidence. Products from the Festool brand have always been ambassadors for high quality. Maximum durability, robustness and low wear are fundamental characteristics of all Festool machines.

1+2 Warranty High quality tools = high quality results
Festool was the first power tool manufacturer to extend their statutory guarantee by two years and not without good reason. The famous 1+2 warranty also applies for industrial users. This quality guarantee not only means less hassle for customers with faulty tools, but also an increase in the efficiency of their daily work. Reduced repair costs, downtimes and reworking mean less money spent and that’s not just a promise, it’s a guarantee.
If you aim to achieve perfect working results, then acquiring a high-quality machine is the first step.

Another contributing factor is outstanding tool ergonomics to make your work more pleasant and easier. Each individual Festool tool is designed to assist users with their work and modelled around the shape of the human hand for natural working movements. Circular saws, sanders and cordless drills are therefore easier to operate and fit snugly in the hand, there by achieving our objective of ensuring non-tiring work and providing maximum safety.

Health and safety

An efficient dust extraction is as important as the air you breathe. The only reliable solution for protecting your health, keeping your workplace clean and achieve precise results (due to clear view to the working surface) is a powerful, efficient dust extractor from Festool. Festool always pledges to manufacture electric power tools that are not only reliable and robust, but also lightweight, safe and easy to operate.

Festool offer solutions

Tools are often as good as the accessories and consumables that are available for them. That is why everything matches at Festool: from the tool and its extensive range of accessories, the consumables through to dust extraction, multi-function tables and storage solutions. This way we can guarantee smooth and trouble free work with these clever all-in-all solutions. that’s what we call systems.

Festool system

Festool is more than a brand - Festool is a philosophy!

Festool strives for the highest standards in the development and production of tools and systems: Integral working systems with matching components, all from one source. We measure quality in parts per million, not in percent. Therefore Festool enjoys the finest reputation in the premium tool market. Our tools are consistently praised as the best that money can buy. And all to produce solutions which make your daily work easier, which allows you to achieve the highest quality. With top quality right down to the smallest screw, sophisticated ergonomic design, continual improvement in all areas, ongoing new product development and a system of fully compatible accessories and extras, the machines manufactured by Festool are unique.