Safe and secure shopping.

Safe and secure shopping.  

360° security.

Shopping security is not just a matter of shopping at a secure website, its very important to consider the whole approach to secure shopping including what happens online, but what happens offline and who you are dealing with.


Internet business taken seriously - we spend the time and resources doing it right.

The Internet is not just an alternative sales channel for us, but the primary manner in which we conduct business with our customers. So we take information security and privacy very seriously, not only online but offline as well. Our approach may even be considered over the top in some respects, but every security and risk mitigation process we undertake is designed to provide us both with a smooth and trustworthy relationship.

We take no short cuts or employ second-rate service providers. We make the necessary up front investments for security and privacy, yours and ours. Its better to be safe than sorry.

We have documented below a brief explanation as to how our systems work so you can be confident when dealing with us that you are not at unnecessary risk. A detailed explanation of our systems is not possible as we do not wish to reveal useful information to malicious opportunists, but we hope this summary provides you with the assurance you need to transact with us.

Online security.

How your sensitive information is managed by our online system. Here are some important points to note:

Our web site servers are located in Australia.

Our web site servers are physically located within Australia in a secure data centre and managed by Australian personnel. Not hosted in off-shore discount hosting data centres.

Our web site uses 256 bit SSL security.

Our web site uses 256 bit SSL security certificates to authenticate and encrypt any pages that may contain sensitive information. Obviously this includes the checkout pages and transmission of credit card details to the eWay payment gateway. But we also secure your Home Page login, support ticket system, order history pages.

Our SSL certificate is provided by (GeoTrust Inc), the world's fastest growing SSL provider. For more information on click here.

Secure credit card handling and Payment Gateway.

If you choose a credit card payment option, your credit card details and debit amount are managed by a secure payment gateway. All information is encrypted. The provider of the secure payment gateway is eWay, a reputable and trusted Australian company with its infrastructure within Australia. eWay is PCI DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) - a set of standards created by card issuers such as Visa and MasterCard to ensure the security of credit card details online.

eWay's payment gateway manages transactions with the credit card companies and the banks. For more information in eWay, click here to visit eWay's web site.

Although we are provided with a certain amount of information for fraud prevention management, we are never privy to your credit card number. So there is no way through technical or process failure we can accidentally loose or publicly release this sensitive data. If you request of us to re-bill your credit card we do this via a request of the payment gateway provider who has your card number.

Secure data transmission.

In addition, your customer record (name, address, phone number and email address) are not stored on any publicly accessible server. They are passed by the secure transaction server to our internal systems via encrypted transmission.


Offline security.

Internal information management is just as important as online:

We are virus, malware, and spyware protected.

Every internal computer and server is equipped with virus, malware and spyware checking software. This protection software is checked for currency multiple times per day to ensure it is fully up-to-date. We endeavour to ensure we are not responsible for being infected by any virus/malware/spyware, or passing them onto you via email communications or downloaded files.

With secure information storage.

As mentioned above, we do not even have your credit card details available to us. And if you passed them onto us over the phone, we destroy any electronic or physical copy of them as soon as your order has been processed..



Our business credentials.

Offline information management is just as important as online:

Our business credentials..

It is important to verify you are dealing with a legitimate business, to verify our business there are many checks you can make. Here are a number of resources you can use to check our credentials:


Festool Australia (Tooltechnic Systems) - See our reference on their dealer directory. Or call them on 1800 063 900 for confirmation we are a Partner Dealer.

- White Pages - Search for business name "Ideal Tools".

- ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) - To see our registered company details click here.